In 2014 we started as a home flipper.  We were successfully flipping home from Gardnerville north to Reno/Sparks and out to Fernely.  During this period the flipping business was very good and there was a very good inventory of depressed houses on the market.

The downside to the flipping business was the capital outlay, and the amount of time it took to recapture this capital.  Although it was very profitable the need for a more consistent cash stream was sough after. A very close friend come to us after a Real Estate meeting stating that what was missing in this market was a company that could work with agents to get repairs done in time for the close of escrow.

We had the equipment, the people, the knowledge.... so was born Blue Line Enterprises, LLC., your local Handyman Service.   Our mission is to assist agents with the NORR process in order to get agents to the close of business on time.

We still do flipping but on a much smaller scale, but our resources are placed in Blue Line to grow it today and in the future